Cape Cod Engineering Services

Moran Engineering Associates provides the high quality consulting, design, and site work necessary to best develop and accomplish your project.

Our experience with the latest design and construction methods, coupled with our thorough knowledge of current regulatory standards will ensure that your project is successful in permitting and completed to your satisfaction. Let Moran Engineering Associates guide you through the process.

Site Design Plans

Well-designed site development and property plans are a critical part of achieving your development goals while satisfying code requirements. Our engineering team can help you achieve the most advantageous uses for your property while safeguarding against unforeseen project setbacks.

Septic System Design Plans

The design of septic systems can vary greatly. Properly designed septic systems can reduce the installation costs by thousands of dollars and can limit the construction and visual impact on your property. Our engineering team will consider all available options and design the most cost efficient septic system with the least impact on your property’s landscaping.

Title 5 Septic System Inspections

Septic system inspections are required for the transfer of property title in many instances. Inspections are also often required for building permits or when problems occur with the system. Moran Engineering Associates offers knowledgeable and cost competitive services. Our inspectors have more than 22 years of experience performing inspections and if problems are encountered, we can advise you on how to resolve the issue in the most cost efficient manner available. Our precision underground locating equipment and camera can often save on costly landscape repairs.

Land Surveying Plans & Lot Line Staking

Land surveying plans are useful and/or required for many different purposes. Whether building a structure, planning an addition, delineating the boundaries of your deed, or subdividing your property, the surveying team at Moran Engineering has the expertise to provide the surveying services needed for your project.

The accurate location of your lot lines is important in many situations. Prior to installing plants, erecting a fence, or trimming a tree, knowing the proper location of your lot lines can be critical to saving you time, money, and neighbor disputes. Our survey crew can delineate your lot lines in a timely manner, allowing your yard projects to progress without unforeseen problems.

Conservation Permitting

Cape Cod’s marine waters, ponds, rivers and wetlands are the foremost reason people choose to live and visit the Cape. These water resources, however, often create the need for an additional step when permitting projects. All projects within 100′ of regulated wetlands require some form of approval by the Town and/or State Conservation Departments. Differing projects require different types of approvals. Moran Engineering will guide your project through the conservation approval process in the least time consuming and most cost effective method feasible.

Structural Analysis

Non-typical building designs, remodeling projects, and unique site conditions, often require professional engineering oversight. Our engineers will design and /or inspect the essential structural components of your building and retaining structures.

Flood Insurance Certifications, Documents & Foundation Floodproofing

Correctly certifying a building’s elevation above the flood plain can mean a difference of hundreds of dollars each year in flood insurance premiums. Moran Engineering Associates can perform the elevation survey and accurately complete the insurance certification forms to insure that your property is fully insured without being incorrectly identified in a zone which over estimates the risks.

Protecting your building from flood and storm water is essential to preserving the value and integrity of the structure. Moran Engineering Associates is experienced in the design of building foundation systems to protect against dynamic and/or static flooding.

Engineering And Land Surveying Consulting

Moran Engineering Associates would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your project. Property and building projects frequently require specialty engineering design, permitting, and oversight. Moran Engineering Associates has the experience to ensure that your project is permitted, implemented, and accomplished in a timely cost effective manner.